An Introduction.

This is my first blog, and my first attempt at posting. There will probably be several newbie mistakes for which I apologize and thank you for your patience. There are many, many blogs and websites on the subject of street photography. I have found all of them incredibly helpful; containing a wealth of important information all geared towards providing would-be street photographers (like me), the tools, the techniques, the background, and most importantly, the encouragement to take the first steps in this most challenging genre.

So why start another blog? Well, I’m thinking if I record my thoughts, experiences, and plans for my own street photography adventure, maybe, just maybe what is recorded here might be of some help to others who like me, are taking the first steps. Secondly, it might prove to be a lot of fun to mutually share our adventures and help and encourage  each other.  That’s my thinking anyway, at this point. Third, this blog will be my personal record of my own progress, something to look back on. For those of you more experienced street photographers (ESPs), who may find yourselves here….welcome! You’ve travelled further and your shared experiences will enrich this blog.

The title of this post is: An Introduction, and now I  shall give a brief summary of my own adventure so far……..it really OFFICIALLY, begins April 4th 2014…the day I purchased my 1st DSLR…. Nikon D3200 w/18-55mm kit lens and an additional f/1.8 35mm prime lens. This camera choice came after two months of internet research……..thank you camera reviewers for your efforts, much appreciated. A professional photographer friend Ron Watts kindly reviewed my two camera choices and supported my preference for the D3200 over the Canon Rebel T3i.

A question now for experienced bloggers (of any ilk), “how lengthy should a post be, before readers fall asleep?”  Seriously, I’d like to know. I’ll hope anyone reading this hasn’t nodded off, but just in case I’ll end this post and begin another.  


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