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Other Confidence Building Measures

Well, I seem to be have issues with formatting this blog…..sorry.  I can’t seem to get the paragraphs to remain. Another try, here’s hoping.

Looking back over my posts it is obvious to me at least, that I’ve devoted some considerable time to this subject. I think, at least for myself , that if my confidence is somewhat solid, then I am freeing my self as a street photographer to be more creative and more capable to view the streets with a photographer’s eye. The more I practice, the more self-assured I’m becoming on how to use this great camera and make increasingly better photographs .

So, what else have I’ve been trying out (again, most of what I’m sharing is what has been shared by others):

A. Shooting From the Hip Many experienced street photographers (ESPs) have suggested this technique and there are several helpful articles describing how to do it. There are also some great photographs that have been shot with this technique. If you haven’t tried it before, here are a few basic steps:

1. First,  lengthen your camera strap to its full extent.

2. Next you have to position your right hand under the camera such that you can easily tilt the lens. Using the Nikon D3200, this is dead easy. I can’t speak for other cameras, but the literature out there seems to indicate this technique will work with most reasonably sized DSLR cameras.

3. Check your camera settings. You will not be raising the camera to look through the viewfinder or LCD screen

. 4. Go out and practice. Look at each photo to see how well you’re positioning the camera. When I read about this technique, I was expecting it to take a long time before I got it right. Surprisingly, it did not take as long as I expected before I started capturing somewhat decent shots. In the beginning I would aim too high, too low, missed to the left…or right.

5.  Practice, practice, practice. Mostly now I get a pretty good result. Try shooting from different distances and try very close up. This technique definitely works; it is though a bit hit or miss. I use it often.

B.  Shoot Couples This suggestion from ESPs is supposedly based on the fact that many couples do not have many if any good candid shots of themselves. I’ve tried this I’m guessing 6-8 times, and you know those ESPs are right! Sometimes I offer my “business card” (previous post), and sometimes I don’t. In every case though I received a positive reaction.

C. Say Something Positive to the Target Either before taking the shot, or afterwards. A simple comment on why you took the shot; something interesting about what the person is wearing, the colors, a hat, anything at all as long as it is intended to make the person feel good about themselves. How would you react…….exactly..

Summary: I think I should conclude this series of posts on confidence building. For those of you following my blog….first of all thank you, and secondly I think future blogs will share my current day-to-day experiences on the street. I will likely share new projects that I begin.


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